FAQ (Frequentyly Asked Question)

Q. Do you ship to my city and location?

Yes we ship to all over India, but for better services, please check your delivery area with a pincode locator on our website.

Q. What is the estimated delivery time?

A. Products are typically dispatched within 12-15days of order confirmation.

All the products are transported and delivered using the Aangie Homez delivery network.

While we try to ensure that the product reaches you within the delivery time communicated, exigencies may delay the delivery. In such cases, please do not worry. Get in touch with us for the latest update on your shipment if we have already not gotten in touch with you.

For pre-orders, the estimated delivery time is 12-15 days starting from the day of shipping. The day of shipping is indicated on your product page at the time of order. Please note that we will not be able to ship pre-orders earlier than the indicated time.

All the products are transported and delivered using the Aangie Homez delivery network.

Q. Are there any shipping charges or any additional hidden charges?

No, shipments are free of charge. Any additional charges like Octroi, entry taxes are paid for by the sellers. When you enter a pin-code in the address field while ordering a product, the system will indicate whether we ship to your pin-code or not.

Q. How do I track my order?

We try our best to deliver your product before you can even think 'Where is it now?' :) i.e. well within 10 days of your order (or 10 days of the promised shipment date in the case of pre-orders). In a few cases however, we take closer to our promised 12 - 15 days for delivery. In such cases, we proactively call / email the customer to inform them of the status of their product and where it is in transit. In the rare case when you have not received any communication from us for 10 days after order (or 10 days after promised shipment date in the case of pre-orders) do give us a call at our customer care number or email us at support@aangiehomez.com. Currently there is online mechanism to check the status of your order.

Q. What if I have received a damaged product?

We work with sellers who have highly specialized quality control measures that ensure that the product is up to our standards when you receive the product. In case, you receive a damaged product (damage as defined by the situations in the prior question), please bring it to the notice of the delivery personnel immediately. In case you notice an issue later, please get in touch with us on our customer care number or write to us at support@aangiehomez.com.

Our team will assess the damage and revert within 1-2 days with a solution. We will take corrective measure to solve the problem.

Q. What if I do not like the product or cannot take delivery of my order? Can I cancel the order?

We, at Aangie homez, work to ensure that you get what you see on our website. We do not offer exchanges and refunds for order cancellations.

In the rare case when you absolutely don't like the product or don't have the space to keep it or have some unforeseen circumstances that make you cancel the order, you have to raise the same at the time of delivery. The following restocking fees are applicable:

Q. Can I shop at aangiehomez.com using an international credit card?

Of course! You can use the following international credits cards, while shopping at Aangie Homez :

Visa and Master card, issued in all currencies.

American Express, issued only in the following countries:

1. United Kingdom

2. Vietnam

Q. What should I keep handy for my online transaction?

For Credit Cards keep your card which has the details of card holder name, number, CVV and expiry date. Apart from this you also need to have your 3D secure password / OAC.

For Debit Cards keep your card which has the details of card holder name, number, CVV and expiry date. You will be redirected to the bank site for 3D secure authorization. So keep your OAC or IPIN handy as well.

For Net Banking you need to keep your account number as well as your IPIN handy.

Q. Is it safe to use my credit card, debit card or net banking?

Absolutely. Shopping with Aangiehomez.com is completely safe. Transactions with Aangie homez The VeriSign Secured Seal is the most trusted security mark on the Internet. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and PayU is compliant with the global information security standards defined for organizations which handle cardholder information. Be assured that your card or account information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet making it well and truly safe.

Q. Does aangiehomez.com store my card or account information?

aangiehomez.com does not collect or store your account information at all. Your transaction is authorized at multiple points, first by PayU and subsequently by Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Banks directly without any information passing through us. However we monitor and review transactions on an on-going basis, to identify potentially fraudulent situations and take immediate corrective steps to mitigate/limit any damage caused/likely to be caused from the same.

Q. Will I be asked to share card information, account information or passwords over phone or email?

The aangiehomez.com team will never request you to share any of your payment details over email or over phone.

Q. What other things should I keep in mind during an online transaction?

During the payment process using net banking you may be redirected to your bank website. Once your transaction is completed you will be brought back to the Aangie Homez website with your order details which you can keep a copy of.

Never press the browser back button when the transaction is still currently being done.

Information passed on to payment gateway is accurate i.e. account details, billing address, password (for net banking)

Your Internet connection is not disrupted in the process.

Q. What should I do if a transaction fails?

If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it will be rolled back within 7 working days. Please direct all questions and further clarifications regarding the above statement to support@aangiehomez.com